Bishop Mar Mathew
Bishop Mathew Anikuzhikattil, the present and first bishop of the diocese of Idukki was born on 23 September 1942, at Kuruvanal, near Pala, as the third child of Kunjukutty and Aleykutty (Luka and Elizabeth). When he was in the primary school his parents migrated from Kadaplamattom            Read More...

About Idukki Diocese

The diocese of Idukki was erected by His Holiness Pope John Paul II bifurcating the diocese of Kothamangalam. The bull of creation ‘Maturescens Catholica Fides’ was promulgated on 19-12-2002, the declaration was on 15-01-2003 and the Eparchy was inaugurated on 02-03-2003. The eparchy is dedicated to MAR SLIBHA. The name of the district 'Idukki' is supposed to be derived from the Malayalam word 'idukku' which means a narrow gorge. The river Periyar, which is one of the largest rivers of Kerala, is flowing through Idukki and the gorge formed between the two high massive hills called "Kuravan" and "Kurathi", is the site of the gigantic Idukki Arch Dam. The total area of the diocese is covered by the mountainous hills and valleys, and dense forests.


   St. Thomas
         Holy Father
                Mar George
To know more about Parishes Under Idukki Diocese. Parish details, Contact Address and Priests detail are Available in this section...
Corporate Educational Agency Diocese of Idukki was established on 02-03-2003 bifurcating the erstwhile Corporate Educational Agency of Diocese of ....
The diocese extends it’s service of charity to the needy and the poor, and the abandoned through hostels and Boardings, special schools for the handicapped, and ...
Congregations In the eparchy of Idukki, there are 18 religious houses for men, belonging to different congregations and 45 priests are engaged in various ministries. There are 124 religious houses of women in the eparchy, belonging to different congregations. 747 religious sisters work in the diocese..
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Idukki Diocese manages the activities of various Catholic religious Cultural organisation. They manage some social and charity works too. Browse this section to view details of these organisations..
The Eparchial Curia,
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