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Heavy rain, Landslide and Landslips in Idukki

The relief and recovery works done by the diocese of Idukki


  • When  the heavy rain and landslides started the bishop asked priests to open their churches, parish halls and schools for relief camps
  • Out of 211 relief camps in the district of Idukki, 105 camps were in our institutions
  • The parish priests and parishioners extended all support to the members of the camp. Eg. Providing bed sheets, clothes, mat etc.
  • The Bishop, Vicar Generals and the director of Highrange Development Society, the official social work organ of the Catholic diocese of Idukki etc. Visited almost all the camps and expressed the solidarity with the people suffering
  • Discussion with the district administration regarding the better management of the relief and rehabilitation process
  • The district level data and the parish level data is collected with update information
  • Once the camps are closed, the Highrange Development Society distributed 4900 kits including food materials, clothes, kitchen utensils, etc. to the affected people in different villages
  • An appeal by the bishop to donate a piece of land for those who have lost both house and land and initially 25 people expressed their willingness to offer 7 acres of land
  • A pastoral letter was issued by the bishop calling for generous contribution from the members of the diocese to strengthen the rehabilitation programme.
  • Information was given to various funding agencies regarding the depth of the disaster and asking for support
  • Ten mobile medical camps were conducted with the support of Karuna Hospital Nedumkandam
  • Planning to give 1000 special kitchen kits to the poorest of the poor
  • Mobilization of fund for rehabilitation is progressing
  • Three tyre rehabilitation process a) Construction of houses for those who have lost their shelter b) Renovation of the damaged houses c) promoting livelihood activities for those who have lost their income
  • A committee was formed to monitor the rehabilitation process and the members are Fr. Jose Plachikkal (Convernor), Fr. Abraham Purayattu (Jt. Convernor), Fr.Sebastian. Kochupurackal (Secretary), Fr. Joseph Thachukunnel, Fr. Johny Chittemariyil, Fr. Jose Chittadiyil,, Fr. Thomas Nechukattu, Fr. Philip Parackal, Fr. Jose Kunnumpurath, Fr. Jins Karakkatt, Sr. Regi Panthalanickal SABS, Mrs. Kunjamma Thomas, Mr. Sunny Panachananickal, Mr. Josekutty Madappillil (Members)