Eparchial Curia



 V. Rev. Fr. Jose Plachickal

 V. Rev. Fr. Abraham Purayatt

 Chancellor   V. Rev. Fr. George Thakadiyel
 Finance Officer

 V. Rev. Fr. Joseph Thachukunnel

Vice Chancellor V. Rev. Fr. George Mulloor


 The Venerable Eparchial Curia
 Manippara P.O., Karimpan, Idukki 685 602
 Tel. 04862 230204, 230102, 230266
 Office Hours  9.00 to 12.00 & 14.00 to 16.30 hrs.

 Except : The Days of Obligation and First Fridays, Annual Common Retreat for Priests, Monthly Recollection Day of priests (Tuesday following the first Friday of each month), Christmas Season (Dec. 21 to Jan.6), March 2 (Inauguration of the Eparchy),   January 15 (Nomination of His Lordship the Bishop), Holy Week & Easter Week, September 21 (St. Mathews Feast), Feast of Ascension, Feast of the Patron of the Eparchy (Sep. 14), Feast of the Sacred Heart, Syro-Malabar Hierarchy Nov.16        

 N.B. Urgent petitions only will be considered outside office hours and on holidays listed above.

 Eparchial Tribunal
 Judicial Vicar  V. Rev. Dr Joseph Velinjalil
 Adjutant Judicial Vicar  V. Rev. Dr John Punnolil
 Promoter of Justice and Defender of the Bond  V. Rev. Dr Sherine Vadakkel SH
 Rev. Sr Lilly Treesa SCJG
 Eparchial Judges  V. Rev. Dr Joseph Velinjalil
 V. Rev. Dr John Punnolil
 V. Rev. Dr Jose Marattil
 V. Rev. Fr John Mundackatt
Secretary Rev. Fr. Joseph Pulickakunnel

 Rev. Fr. Joseph Varakil
 Rev. Fr. Joseph Mathalikunnel
 Rev. Fr. Sebastian Elampurayidathil 
Rev. Sr. Reenet CMC

 Address  Eparchial Tribunal Idukki
 Bishop's House, Manippara P.O., Karimpan Idukki,
 Kerala, India - 685 602
 Ph: 04862 - 230204
 Eparchial Consultors

 V. Rev. Fr. Jose Plachickal (Protosyncellus)

 V. Rev. Fr. Abraham Purayatt (Syncellus)

 V. Rev. Dr. George Thakadiyel(Chancellor)

 V. Rev. Dr. Joseph Thachukunnel (Finance Officer)

 V. Rev. Fr.Francis Edavakandam (Cathedral Vicar)

 V. Rev. Fr. Jose Karivelickal

 V. Rev. Fr. Jose Narithookil

  Rev. Fr. Mathew Karottukocharackal

V. Rev. Fr.James Mangalasseril

V. Rev. Fr. Thomas Maniyattu

V. Rev. Fr. Jose Chittadiyil


 Administration Council

 V. Rev. Fr. Jose Plachickal (Protosyncellus) 

 V. Rev. Fr. Abraham Purayatt (Syncellus)

 V. Rev. Dr. George Thakadiyel

 V. Rev. Fr. Joseph Thachukunnel

 Administrative Tribunal (Reconciliatory Council)

 V. Rev. Fr. Jose Plachickal (Protosyncellus) 

 V. Rev. Fr. Abraham Purayatt (Syncellus)

 V. Rev. Dr. George Thakadiyel

 V. Rev. Fr. Joseph Pappady

 V. Rev. Fr. Francis Edavakandam


 Finance Council

 V. Rev. Fr. Jose Plachickal

 V. Rev. Fr. Joseph Thachukunnel

 Sri. Jose Kappen CA

 Sri. Augustine Kizhakkel

Sri. Sunny N.P
 Internal Auditors

 Rev. Fr. Mathew Karottukocharackal

 Rev. Fr. Jose Chemmarappillil

Rev. Fr. Zacharias Puthiyaparambil
Rev. Fr. Philip Mattam
 Public Relations Officers

 V. Rev. Fr. Joseph Kochukunnel

 Adv. Joyce Paliyath

 Adv. Gracy Joseph Kaiprambatt

 Presbyteral council
 Ex-Officio Members  13
 Nominated Members  2
 Elected Members  17
 Total  32

 The Ex-officio Members:

 V. Rev. Fr. Jose Plachickal (Protosyncellus) V. Rev. Fr. Abraham Purayatt (Syncellus) V. Rev. Frs. Joseph Kochukunnel, George Kuzhippallil, Jose Narithookkil, Sebastian Edattel, Joseph Pappady, Sebastian Melettu, Mathew Valavanal, Luke Anikuzhikattil, Francis Chunayanmackal, Thomas   Nechukattu, 

 The Nominated Members:

 V. Rev. Frs. Jose Karivelickal, 

 The Elected Members:

 Rev. Frs. Thomas Thycheril, Thomas Maniattu, Jose Plachickal, Joseph Thachukunnel, George Pattathekuzhy, Jose Chittadiyil, Mathew Karottukocharakal, Joseph Kaippanplackal, Luke Thachaparambathu, Mathew Areeplackal, Joseph Powath, Zacharias   Puthiaparampil, Paul Maniyattu, George Kuzhipallil,Thomas Puthenpurayil, John Thalachira CMI, Joseph Kochuputhenpura CST

 Construction committee
 V. Rev. Fr. Jose Plachickal (Protosyncellus) 

 V. Rev. Fr. Abraham Purayatt (Syncellus)

 V. Rev. Fr. George Kuzhippallil

 V. Rev. Dr. Joseph Kochukunnel


 Pastoral council
 1. Proto-Syncellus
 2. Chancellor
 3. Finance Officer

 4. Judicial Vicar

 5. Rector

 6. Education Secretary
 7. A representative of the Presbyteral Council
 8. Proto Presbyters
 9. A representative each of CMI, CST, MCBS, OFM. Cap. OCD, O.Carm, VC, SAC, CST (Brothers) in the Eparchy.
 10. A representative each of CMC, FCC, MSJ, SABS, SH, SD, CSN, DM, SMS, SMC, CSC, SCSC, DST, LAR, NS, FSLG,FSHA, FMA, CSN, FMM, FSD, DDS, SKD, SCJG,SMMI,CHF, MLF, MSMM, CSSE in the Eparchy.
 11. Directors and Presidents of the Associations of the Laity
 12. Two/three lay representatives elected from each Protopresbyterate
 13. The Principal of Pavanatma College.
 14. The Principal of Mar Sleeva College

 15. A representative of the High School Headmasters in the Eparchy

 16. A representative of the Sunday School Headmasters

 17. The Experts nominated by the Bishop


 Rev. Fr. Mathew Karottukocharackal