Pious Associations

There are various pious associations which actively animate the Christian faithful in witnessing and proclaiming the Gospel. They give dynamism and life to the parishes and are actively engaged in the diocesan mission. Each pious association is under the guidance of a diocesan Director. The associations are organized on the parish level, regional level, and the diocesan level. These associations carry out spiritual, social, cultural, and charitable works. Almost all the faithful are part of one or other associations according to their outlook and needs of the time and place.

They effectively manage evangelization among various age groups by dividing and organizing the people into different groups and associations according to age and attitude, and need. 

Apostolate Among Various Age Groups

Holy childhood

It aims to impart faith to the small children up to nine years. There is special group prayer for them in churches and usually a religious sister works as their animator. They learn hymns, action songs and little prayers. 
 Director Rev. Fr. Thomas Menamthundathil

Marian Sodality

Director Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Kollappillil

Kerala Catholic Students League (KCSL )

KCSL - Kerala Catholic Students League, the first and oldest association of Catholic Students, has bee functioning actively among the Catholic Students of Aided and Unaided Schools of Kerala since 1917 for deepening faith and helping Catholic Students to grow in Jesus with the motto of faith and service. 
 Director  Rev. Fr Kurian Thadathil
 President  Sri. Joy K. Jose

KCSL in Idukki

KCSL has been very active in the diocese of Idukki since 2003. Before the erection of the diocese it was functioning only in a few schools in the High Ranges. After the inauguration of the diocese KCSL formed more units and started functioning effectively in all the Catholic Schools. First Executive body Director
 Director  Fr Mathew Njavarakkattu
 President  Sri. Manoj Chacko
 Vice President  Sri. C.P. George
 Organizer  Sri. Cibichen Pullanappallil
KCSL has taken deep roots in about 63 schools in U.P., H.S. and H.S.S. sections by the end of 2007. For the effective and smooth functioning of KCSL, the schools are divided into five regions. They are:
1  Vazhathope  13 schools
2  Erattayar  13 schools
3  Murickassery  12 schools
4  Nedumkandam  11 schools
5  Koompanpara  14 schools

Each unit is guided by a teacher animator and directed by the school manager. In order to develop leadership qualities of the students, their representatives are elected in the beginning of the year as Chairman, Secretary and Executive members. They assemble on Thursday afternoon in the church and make special prayers and practice study circle which is the nucleus of KCSL. Also, students along with their animator plan various activities like Kalothsavam and Sahithyothsavam. 

KCSL takes keen interest in the development of creative artistic skills of Catholic Students in writing, painting, and quiz. A day is set apart for conducting scholarship exams, quiz programmes, literary competitions, and paintings. 

KCSL celebrates its Kalothsavam joyfully. The items for competition are elocution, songs, mono act, KCSL anthem, panavayana etc. Through Kalothsavam, KCSL not only helps students to shine in elocution and singing but also tries to keep alive the unique art forms of Christians like Margamkali, Parichamuttukali, Chavittunadakam etc.

KCSL specially observes the feast of Christ the King. The first Friday of December is celebrated as KCSL day. KCSL conducts camps and retreats for students and training camps for teacher animators. Special Mentions

  • Navathi 2006-07: KCSL Idukki celebrated the 90th birthday of KCSL by constructing Navathikoru Veedu a dream project of KCSL students Idukki.

  • In tone with the spirit of the Kerala Catholic Church, KCSL Idukki also observed the year of life and has published a book Ninakkai Oru Theeram.

  • 2007-2008: KCSL Idukki has set new traditions by promoting its activities among the LP Schools. We have started 6 units of JESUS KIDS in the different schools of the diocese.

Catholic Students Movement (C. S. M.)

 Director  Rev. Fr Zacharias Puthiyaparambil
CSM is very well organized in the Pavanatma College at Murikassery. It provides opportunities for Catholic Students for their faith formation and for their integral development.

Vocation Guidance

 Director  Rev. Fr Joseph Parackadavil (Jr)
Fostering and promoting vocations towards priesthood and religious life are effectively organized and coordinated by Vocation Bureau. It conducts life guidance courses in the Schools and colleges.

K. C. Y. M. (Kerala Catholic Youth Movement)

The Youth Ministry is organized in the auspices of K.C.Y.M. It aims to promote Christian leadership, moral and spiritual formation, and social awareness of young people between the ages of 17 - 35. K.C.Y.M. help the youth for responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community and to foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each personostering and promoting vocations towards priesthood and religious life are effectively organized and coordinated by Vocation Bureau. We Provide:
  • Campus Ministries (High School and College)
  • Catechesis
  • Retreats
  • Consultation Services
  • Leadership Formation & Training
  • Monthly Forums
  • Special Events/Conferences
  • Prayer Groups
 Director  Rev. Fr Mathew Njavarakkattu
 President  Sri Tomin Koonamparayil

Prayer Groups

 Director  Rev. Fr James Sauryamkuzhy

Jail Ministry and Jesus Fraternity

The members of this movement visits jails occasionally and interact with the inmates to provide spiritual support and care. On occasions like Christmas and Easter, they organize special programmes for the inmates in the jails.
 Director  Rev. Fr George Kochithara

Cherupushpa Mission League (C M L)

 Director  Rev. Fr James Makkiyil
 President  Mr. Kiran Augustine

Cherupushpa Mission League is a Lay Organisation in view of promoting Missionary Activities throughout India through invoking missionary spirit among the members by way of prayers and various activities. Along with it, CML envisions the personality development of the members too. 

It was established on 3rd October 1947 at Bharananmganam. Rev. Fr. Joseph Maliparampil is the founder director and Mr. P C Abrahm Pallattukunnel is the founder leader. A manual group consist of 7 members is the basic unit of CML. 

Idukki Diocesan Unit

 Inauguration  2nd August 2003
 Objectives  Personality Development, Vocation Promotion and Mission Activities
 Slogan  Sneham, Thyagam, Sevanam, Sahanam)
 Ideology  Salvation of India is through her children- Pope Leo XIII
 Heavenly Patron  St. Therese of Lisieux
 Other saints  St. Francis Xavier, St. Thomas, and Blessed Alphonsa
 Patron  Mar John Nellikunnel
 Co-Patron  Msgr. Rev. Fr. Jose Plachickal
 First Director  Rev. Fr. James Punnaplackal
 Second Director  Rev. Fr. Sebastian Vadakkel
 Third Director  Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Kuthanapillil
 First President  Mr. Jose Michael Puthiyaparambil
Activities of the Executive
Camps, Seminars, Mission Nights, Managing Committee Camp
Activities towards the Promotion of Vocation Vocation
Camps, Seminars, Promoting vocations to the Diocesan Minor Seminary, Religious Congregations and Mission Dioceses, Giving financial supports, Camp for altar boys; camp for Higher Secondary students  Missionary Activities
Visiting the sick, visiting the orphanages, house visits, financial supports for medical treatments, anti alcoholic rallies, wall-poster campaign   Awards
1  CML Idukki is awarded Senior Girls Championship in the State level Mission League Festival of 8th November 2003.
2  CML Upputhode unit in the Diocese is awarded the Third Best unit in the State for the year 2004 2005.
3  CML Idukki is awarded Second Place in the State level Mission League Festival of 12th November 2005. (Senior Girls Championship)
4  CML Idukki is awarded Fourth Place in the State level Mission League Festival of 11th November 2006. (Super Senior Boys Championship)
5  CML Idukki is awarded Third Place in the State level Mission League Festival of 10th November 2007. (Super Senior Boys Championship)
6  The CML Adimali region in the Diocese is awarded one of the three best regions in the State and the Diocese of Idukki as first among the dioceses in the state.
7  For the overall performance in the state, the Diocese was placed fourth in the state, the Region of Adimali second in the state and the unit of Adimali third in the state in the year 2006 07.
In the election of 11th March 2005 to the state level executive, Fr. James Punnaplackal from the Diocese is elected as State Vice Director, Mr. Jose Michael Puthiyaparambil as Regional Organiser for Kochi and Mr. Jiji Kurichiyil as Auditor. In the election of 8th March 2008 to the state level executive, Fr. Sebastian Vadakkel from the Diocese is elected as State Director, Mr. Jose Michael Puthiyaparambil as State Secretary and Mr. Babu Sebastian Ponnoth as Auditor. The Diocese is divided into 4 main regions and 12 sub regions and 92 units all of which include a total of 27300 members. Diocesan Executive
 Director  4 Organizers
 Joint Director  3 AKMC Members
 President  4 Executive Members
 Vice President  Sub Organizer
 Secretary  2 Auditors
 Joint Secretary  Office Secretary
Diocesan Managing Committee
Diocesan Executive
Regional Executive
2 meetings are held per year. 

Diocesan Managing Committee
Diocesan Executive
Regional Executive
Unit Executive