Important Spiritul Centers in eparchy

As it is a newly inhabited area we do not have ancient churches. However there are centers which are of special spiritual inspiration to the faithful. Devamatha Church, Rajakumari is an important Marian pilgrim centre in the diocese. The feast of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is an important feast in this church and during this period thousands flock to Mother Mary for her blessings. The Pieta at Thokkupara near Adimali the Way of the Cross at Chinnarnirappu near Parathodu and the Crucifix at Ezhukumvayal near Nedumkandom, attract the faithful for prayer and devotions.

Deivamatha Church Rajakumari

This pilgrim centre is situated 60 kms away from Munnar and 38 kms from Adimali. It is a place blessed with natural beauty and the blessings of Mother Mary. Fr. Zacharias Pittapillil celebrated Holy Eucharist for the first time at Rajakumari on 25th December 1955. The present church was constructed under the leadership of Fr. Joseph Mundackal. The church was consecrated on 3rd January 1962. People from different parts of the high ranges flock to Rajakumari for the blessings and help of Mother Mary. In 1982 it was declared to be a Marian Pilgrim Centre.

The Pieta at Thokkupara

The Church at Thokkupara was started on 25th, December 1954. The construction of the Pieta was started by Fr. Joseph Pulparambil and was completed and finished by Fr. Luke Anikuzhikattil and was blessed in 2007. Many pilgrims flock to the church for prayer and to visit the Pieta Statue. The statue is the biggest one in Asia of its sort with 27 ft height, situated in the middle of a beautiful pond, surrounded by a garden. Thokkupara is about 15 km away from Munnar. 

The Crucifix at Ezhukumvayal Kurisumala

It is situated on the top of a hill, 3000ft above the sea level, with 40ft height, and with a panoramic view of the surroundings. During the season of the Lent pilgrims come here to pray the Way of the Cross, and for meditation. The new crucifix was blessed in 2007, and in 2008 the holy sepulcher. Every first Friday of the month there is Eucharistic celebration and the proclamation of the Word of God. On every Friday during Lent there is the Way of the Cross. Thousands come from different parts of the region during the Holy Week, for penance with fasting and prayers. 

Pastoral centre at Adimali

Atmajyothi, the diocesan pastoral centre situated at Adimali, coordinates various pastoral activities. Retreats, refresher courses, marriage preparation courses, leadership training programmes etc. are conducted there.