Pastoral Council

 Pastoral council

1 Proto Syncellus
2 Chancellor
3 Finance Officer
4 Judicial Vicar/Adjut. Judicial Vicar  
5 Rector of Minor Seminary
6 Education Secretary 
7 A representative of the Presbyteral Council
8 Protopresbyters
9 A representative each of CMI, CST, CSsR, CMF, OFM.Conv.,MCBS, OFM. Cap. OCD,  O.Carm, VC, SAC, CST (Brothers) in the Eparchy.
10 A representative each of CMC, FCC, MSJ, SABS, SH, SD, CSN, DM, SMS, SMC, CSC, SCSC, DST, LAR, NS, FSLG, FSHA, FMA, CSM, FMM, FSD, DDS, SKD, SCJG, SMMI, CHF, MLF, SCCG, CSS, MMS in the Eparchy.
11 Directors and Presidents of the Associations of the Laity
12 Two/three lay representatives elected from each Protopresbyterate
13 The Principal of Pavanatma College
14 The Principal of Mar Sleeva College
15 A representative of the High School Headmasters  in the Eparchy
16 A representative of the Sunday School Headmasters
17 The Experts nominated by the Bishop